Why the title 'ocy&everythingelse'? Well, today, my copy of the Trilogy arrived, it looked nice and well designed, although the box is a bit dented. Then, I watched the 'Flourishes 101' section of EVERYTHINGELSE disc, and I must say, I'm impressed. The tutorials, without any explainations , weren't as difficult as I was told, and you could learn all the moves if you are observant enough with the video tutorials as they're for beginners.

Ok now, that didn't explain much, but it serve it's purpose as an introduction. The reason this blog was created was for me to put up stuff about everything else. It's intended for the general readers out there and as a token in admiration of Dan & Dave Bucks' works.

More updates coming soon (Scouting, music, magic, personal life related, etc...). Stay tuned.

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