What Can Over 200 Successful Historical Figures Teach Us About Success?

Last December, I came across this question after reading an amazing book and researching its background info.
Is life just a lottery ticket, or are there choices one can make to direct his future?
What do you think?

For some people, it may seem like a lottery ticket where they received a windfall from winning a lottery ticket. Then their life changed and they think that they would live happily ever after. But, statistics showed that 3 out of 4 lottery ticket winners had gone bankrupt. I won't argue that in this post nor will I go into detail explaining how they lose all their good fortune. I'll leave that one for another post.

However, the question remains.

Is life just a lottery ticket, or are there choices one can make to direct his future?

That is the question asked by Andy Andrews more than 20 years ago and today, where do you think he is now?

To answer my previous 2 questions, here is a slide I had put together that hopefully will answer your questions. Enjoy.

Have you got the answers now?
For me, Andy Andrew's The Traveler's Gift has inspired me to face the obstacles in life. It has become my favourite book of 2011 and I will tell you why I can't put down this book.

It tells a parable of how a 46 year-old Fortune 500 executive, David Ponder, who not only lost his job but was stricken with misfortunes (his daughter became very ill and he can't afford to pay the bills), overcame it all. But, not before his extraordinary encounters with historical wisest people like Abraham Lincoln, King Solomon, Anne Frank, Harry Truman and others who taught him unforgettable life lessons.

You would think that all is lost for David when he lost his job and faced a series of misfortunes, right? That whatever he did, everything seems to go against him. That life seems so unfair to him right now. Don't you agree?

That is the thing which draws me to read this book. To learn how he overcame his obstacles. To know the attitudes that make the difference between success and failure.

In short, it is an intriguing parable and easy-read with a big life impact, when these same time-tested 7 decisions are applied in your own life!

Here is the 7 Decisions again:
  1. The buck stops here; adversity is preparation for greatness.
  2. I will seek wisdom; I will choose my friends with care.
  3. I am a person of action; I can make a decision and I can make it now.
  4. I have a decided heart; my destiny is assured.
  5. Today I will choose to be happy; I am the possessor of a grateful heart.
  6. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit; I will forgive myself.
  7. I will persist without exception; I will find a way where there is no way.
Currently, I am in the process of mastering these 7 decisions in my own life and have personally observed these principles in other successful people's lives since reading this book. In my future posts, I am going to share some of these observations as well as my personal results.

How would you like to learn the secrets for success? If yes, I would like to encourage you to read The Traveler's Gift. Read through the book not just once, but as many times as you can. Commit these time-tested principles in your own life and reap the rewards.

Have you ever read this book? Mind sharing your experiences with the rest of us in the comments below? I would like to hear them.

If not, what other books have you read that have lead you to succeed in life? What do you recommend?

P.S. Want excerpts of the book? Head over to AndyAndrews.com and scroll to the bottom right section titled "Popular Downloads". Then, click on "The Seven Decisions (PDF)" :)

P.P.S. Still debating whether you should read this book? What are you waiting for? Remember decision #3? Get the book, support the author, and buy directly from Andy Andrews here (I would only recommend and affiliate with good books which I had personally read).

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