If You Never Try, You Will Never Know...

Never underestimate what you can accomplish.

That is the message that had inspired me just a few days ago.

It was a youtube video that had gone viral over my facebook feed. I am sure that most of you have probably watched this video, but in case you haven't, this was more than what Dan Millman went through in his life as portrayed in the Peaceful Warrior movie.

It was about a 47 year old disabled veteran who overcame his mountain. It showed how he had lost hope and regained it again. Ultimately, it tells the story of how persistence without exception (Decision for Success #7) can overcome anything in life when practised.

Read on as I guide you through the story (youtube video embedded).


Reducing Electricity Bill With New Lighting Technology—LED

Led light. Safe to touch.
It is actually safe to touch the light bulb.
LED has been around for several decades now. In fact, the concept was first discovered in 1907 by H. J. Round. About five decades later, the first practical visible red LED was developed. Now, there are some more interesting historical facts about LED like the first LED flashlight was actually conceptualised in 1984,  but I don't want to risk putting you, my readers, to sleep with history lessons at this point. For those interested, you can read all about it over at wikipedia.

LED, however, have yet to become a mainstream household lighting solution. You cannot even buy them from the local supermarkets here in Australia, at the time of writing. Correct me if I am wrong. Even if you can, they will be very expensive.

So a few weeks ago, I ordered 2 LED light bulbs from ebay to test if it can replace my current compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Not that the CFL has died on me, but I am curious to see if I am able to reduce my carbon footprint. And to my surprise, the results are not what I had expected...