I Made a Big Food Keeping Mistake

A few weeks ago, avocados are in season in Melbourne. So is banana with its prices recovering (or tumbling), from disaster-ravaged Queensland. Consequently, I bought 2 avocados for $2.50 and 1kg of banana for $1.98 (they were $10+ per kg a few months back). Then, I store them together in a bag in the pantry.

The Problem
The next day, I decided to eat 1 of the avocados. I took it out from the bag and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was soft (it was ripe). That was fast. Just a day before, they were firm. So, I sliced it open and discovered that it was beginning to sprout. It was still edible (refer to the picture below), but not that tasty anymore T.T

Then I suspected the bananas to be the culprit, since I had read about how to store food properly from Lifehacker. However, I soon find out that I was wrong...



Hmm...this blog has been collecting dust on the net for so long.

Over the few days/weeks, I'm going to revive it again.

Stay tuned.