100 Years Centenary Badges (Part 2)

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Here's part 2 folks. Part 2 will fill in the gap of part 1, which only features Taiwan's centenary badge, but I promise, part 2 will complete the showcase of what I have at the moment. So, without further delay, let's get on to business d:)

Ok. Here's Malaysia's centenary badge. "Satu Dunia Satu Persetiaan" which carries the same meaning as "One World One Promise"

Mid-section of the badge. The bird emerging from the sun. Notice that larger threads were used for the background?

The upper section. Aren't the blue background with the diagonal shadows distracting? Hmm...

Size comparison between the Taiwan's and Malaysia's badge. And, notice that the Taiwan's badge has better blue background with smaller threads.

Upper right corner comparison.

Again, mid-section comparison.

Size comparison of all three badges.

Korea's centenary badge. The sun above the "One World One Promise" and the sea below it.

The upper section. Oops...it looks dusty. I think that I'd forgotten to clean it :P

Upper right corner comparison of all 3 badges.

Continue on. Comparison between Korea's and Malaysia's badge.

Next. Comparison between Korea's and Taiwan's badge.

Some more comparison.

Ok. No more comparison. Happy? The pin that came with the Korea's centenary badge.

Now can you recognise which country's badge is this, after all those comparison?

How about this?

And this?

That's all folk. Hope you like it. Now, tell me which one you like and why? Do you have any of these as well? Share them with the rest of us here.

Note: My brother just got his hands on a couple more of these centenary badges from other countries. Stay tuned.

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