Been in Melbourne for more than 6 weeks. Things (eating out, books, stationary, clothing, shoes, etc) here are expensive if directly compared in RM. But, how can I compare? It's different. Even the malaysian food here taste different. They have their own local taste here, and that doesn't imply that they taste bad.

Walking is part of life here. Part of my life now and everyone else who don't have a personal vehicle. It is an opportunity to stay fit, I must say. My legs will get stronger. I get to enjoy the scenery while I walk around, and every houses here have their own layout and architecture, which makes walking more interesting.

Here I am, still without internet at home. Really inconvinient for me. I wanted to surf the net, talking to my family on skype, and post more frequently :P Yes, I plan to post more pictures here. Hopefully soon, I will choose to sign up for unwired.

Anyhow, it's windy today. Very very windy. The wind is just that strong, that it almost blow me away :P Got to get home now. Be safe.

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